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Healthy foods for happier families!

The intent to have healthy food and stay fit is picking up speed now more than ever from the last couple of years. More people across all ages are rechecking and re-aligning their food intake. And all this undoubtedly states that healthy and chemical-free food is the only way forward – to lead a life devoid of any illness and full of wellness.

With the same goal and promise, Essor Superfoods was founded and initiated to provide this society with foods that are nourishing and refreshing to consume any time of the day. Because your health is our priority too – now and forever.

Essor Superfoods has been in the field for nearly seven years — satisfying 10000+ customers — and the count is just going to scale up in the years to come. All our products and raw materials are directly procured from the farmers and agriculture community. When you buy from Essor Superfoods – you are not just purchasing products, but also directly supporting the livelihood and securing the future of farmers. 

Essor Superfoods implements a hassle-free delivery experience with no delays involved, which ensures the products customers orders reach their doorsteps on/within one-day delivery. This, backed by a customer support team to adhere to customer queries through various mediums and to offer a delightful shopping experience with low effort and time. And even our sales team eliminates the need for customers to wait for a longer time to get answers or their issues resolved. 

All the products and foods that Essor Superfoods manufacture pass through multiple levels of quality checks. They are tried and tested by our team of food and development professionals. Because your health is our priority.

About Our Directors

  1. Our Managing Director, Dr. K. Rajashree Satheeskumar (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) holds a Doctorate in Nutrition. Besides,  she is an established biotechnologist whose works and findings have been a part of 6 publications and international journals across the world. She has also occupied various positions from Research Scholar in a Government Sector of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), India to a Senior Research Executive level at an esteemed poultry farm. Her academic proficiency coupled with on-ground expertise has been and will be the guiding light of Essor Superfoods, in ensuring healthy products are reached to homes located in every nook and corner. 
  1. Our Director, Mr. Satheeskumar has held various top-level and stakeholding positions in multiple MNC’s. In 2017, he joined as a Business Development Manager for Essor Superfoods, and now scaled to become one of the prestigious managing directors of our organization. Being this, he takes care of business development, customer relationship, and sales. His expertise and practical proven experience have become instrumental for Essor Superfoods to understand the market and penetrate into newer segments to achieve superior growth for our company. Also, he is the key person with a right-to-go attitude for introducing and implementing modern technologies to assist our business growth. 

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods come to you packed with full-on nutrients. And these are the foods that provide you with umpteen benefits to take care of your health. One, they reduce the risk of diseases. Two, they promote good health. These two combined lead to your happy living. 

Also, Superfoods are rich in nutritional density and low on calories. They contain a high volume of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals from your body. Eliminating these can lead to better energy production within.


100% Natural & Pure

We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly can.

No added chemicals
Natural products

ESSOR SuperFoods is healthy

  • This oil is purely organic with) % of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Hence this oil/products are 100% natural. These products are healthier and tastier than conventional food.

Virgin Oils

  • These virgin oils helps in maintaining your heart and body by enhancing your metabolism. It acts as an anti-bacterial element when consumed.


Higher standards

  • Natural Foods stands out from conventional food because of its high standards with no trace of synthetic chemicals , irradiation and GMOs.


Natural tastes better

  • Natural products grows slowly and is not subjected to fertilizers . the slow process allows it to grow on its own pace hence it helps to retain the authentic taste of the dishes.


Higher levels of nutrients

  • Studies found that organic food has comparatively higher anti-oxidants , vitamin C , nitrates and some polyphenols and moderately high in proteins.

Better for the planet

  • Our Farmers basically do not use any type of synthetic pesticides , fertilizers , fungicides , herbicides to grow their produce.


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